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Components of the Front Matter.

In book design, components, content, sections, format, styles, and elements of a book are incorporated appropriately. The following are the major components of a book that forms the structure; front matter, body matter and back matter. The body matter is made up of the volumes, sections, chapters, and modules. The body of the book is divided into chapters, sections, and modules. The back matter is made of afterword, conclusion, appendix, glossary, bibliography, index and colophon. The back matter is found at the back of a book. In this article, we shall look at the front matter. A front matter is not only found in a book but also in other documents such as reports. In reports, the front matter specifies the formatting, font, font type and the organization. Get more info on front matter at this website. The following are some components of the front matter in a book.

The first front matter components are the title pages. The main types of the title pages are the full title page and the half-title page. The half title page comes before the full title page. These are the first book pages.

The second component of the front matter is the copyright page. The copyright page contains the copyright information such as the year of publication, disclaimer, the names and contact information of the author, the publishing company, and book designer.

The dedication page is another component of the front matter. On the dedication page, the author indicates the person or people he/she is dedicating the book. The dedication is made up of a few sentences and the author normally honors an important person in his/her life.

A book should also have a table of contents in the front matter. The table of components lists the components of the book. The table of contents contains the titles of the chapters in the book and their respective pages. In some books, the chapters may be simply indicated by the names "Chapter one" and so on.

The acknowledgment is another component of the front matter in a book. The author of the book offers thanks to people who facilitated the writing and the publishing of the book.

The foreword is also part of the front matter. Read more about front matter from this website. A related book is discussed in the foreword. The name of the related book and the title are included.

The preface is also a component of the front mater. The author of the book discusses how the book came to be, the source of inspiration and the publishing process among others.

Finally, an introduction is also part of the front matter. The introduction discusses what the reader should expect in the book.

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